Wastewater Treatment Design and Permitting

WasteWater-Solutions is a company that provides comprehensive services to construct, operate & maintain commercial wastewater treatment and disposal facilities. We address the entire lifecycle of the wastewater facility: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction (including the commissioning and the operation & maintenance of the wastewater system).

Our company is located in Austin, Texas and we serve all of Texas.

Waste Water Solutions’ experts are skilled at leading and executing highly successful wastewater system construction projects. We plan, manage and work in collaborative teams to provide solutions that meet your goals and objectives. Every project is different and we tailor our services to meet with specific goals of each one.


Waste Water Solutions’ pre-construction services offer significant advantages to projects of every scope and size before and after the design is complete.

We take into consideration the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations, which consist of topography, soil depth, subsoil structure and texture, groundwater, flood hazards and additional site characteristics. We also take into account the Texas Health and Safety Code (THS Code) regulations concerning onsite wastewater systems, resulting in the most environmentally sound and publicly safe onsite wastewater plant.

We perform site and soil evaluations as dictated by the State of Texas and the TCEQ. Considering the results from our site and soil evaluations in conjunction with TCEQ and THS Code regulations, we can accurately determine the feasibility of an onsite wastewater system.


As a full-service commercial wastewater treatment and disposal facilities contractor, Waste Water Solutions addresses all of your new construction needs. We provide a comprehensive range of delivery methods which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Operation and Maintenance

A recognized leader in contract wastewater system operations, Waste Water Solutions assists clients with the operation and maintenance (O&M) and the day-to-day management of their wastewater system. Relying on Waste Water Solutions to take responsibility for the facility, the client retains ownership of all assets, and benefits from our experience to receive cost-effective and environmentally-compliant wastewater facility operations and maintenance. Our wastewater operators are licensed by the State of Texas (Class B and C) to operate and maintain your wastewater treatment systems.

Clients with a wastewater maintenance contract receive some or all of the following O&M services on an annual basis:

Utility Construction

Waste Water Solutions offers a unique service designed to connect any facility (commercial, educational or industrial) to the city/municipal water, wastewater and fire protection utility.


Waste Water Solutions offers a comprehensive tank pump and wash service for wastewater plants, septic tanks, lift stations, and grease traps (offered for Restaurants).

We will not only pump-out the liquids, but we also pump-out all of the solids and pressure wash the tank; we’re the only ones that do so as part of our standard wastewater pumping service. This results in a system that simply works better and lasts longer.

With our specialized equipment, we are able to offer the best overall pumping service for restaurants, which includes cleaning grease traps, inlet and outlet lines, tank walls, and baffles.

One feature that sets us apart is our attention to preventive maintenance. Since many municipalities monitor the grease content from restaurants, it is important to have your system regularly cleaned to avoid fines. Our technicians evaluate your system, set-up a maintenance schedule, and continually provide top-notch service to keep your restaurant operating cleanly, efficiently, and up to standards.